Somalia Special Forces DANAB released names of two Al-shabab top Officials who were killed in Jilib Marka village lower shabeelle Region.

The names of the two are Abu Yasin Shekh Mohamed who was Al-shabab’s Amniyad Commander in Lower shabelle region.

The other one is named Mohamud Abu Hamza who was recently returned from Syria as DANAB Officials told SNA media outlet.

They also claimed that they destroyed vehicles belonged to Al-shabab at Jilib Marka village after night Raid allied by US Drones and Ground advisers.

DANAB Officials also claimed that at least 22 Al-shabab’ militants dead, resulted by the air and Ground raid in Lower shabelle Region.

Al-shabab side didn’t speak this claim by the Somalia Forces, also there is no independent sources who can confirm this Raid.

US and Somalia Security increased Strikes against Al-shabab as both said the objective is to downgrade threats from  Al-shabab.