Zakariye, Hawa and Mohamed

Zakaria and Mohamed are young Brothers, they Straggle their daily live to help their mother which has small Fruit shop at Waberi District in Mogadishu.

Every Afternoon they go the Bakara Market, using two Carriages, they bring Vegetables,   Fruits and other home produced Vegetables from Bakara Market to their mother.

2wiil oo Reerkooda Nolosha usoo dhiciya


Posted by Mustaqbal Radio on Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Mustaqbal Radio’s Video Production Department visited their home and met their Mother Sahra Mohamed Hassan 41 old, which buys this Fruits at their home’s front.

Sahra was the person used to buy these fruits from Bakara Market, but she failed to do so when she undergoes Surgery at the time of giving birth to the youngest son of 3 years of age.

Talking to Mustaqbal  Sahra said ‘I can’t pay their School fees, I straggle their live since we are poor Family, I request help from Muslim Brothers and Sisters at least gave me money to expend my small shop

Mustaqbal Radio published this  Video to its Online and Social media (Facebook  and  YouTube) Then view days later Hawo Mohamed Osman A Somali Diaspora life in Germany watched the Video From Mustaqbal  Facebook page and contacted Privet School  in Waberi District which she is responsible to support Poor Families like Sahra.

She sent them Clothes, Shoes, Books, and Pens, also Hawa Guaranteed them free Education to the School she manages in Mogadishu.


Kaddib markii aan baahinay tacliin la'aanta haysata Sakariye iyo Maxamed oo kunool degmada Waaberi ee magaalada Muqdisho waxa ay Waxbarasho lacag la'aan ah ka heleen Iskuulka Anwar.Waxa aan u mahadcelinayaa Xaawa Maxamed Cismaan oo fududeysay tacliinta wiilshan kaddib markii ay daawatay Muuqaal kusaabsan noloshooda oo aan baahinay.

Posted by Mustaqbal Radio on Monday, 17 December 2018

Zakaria and Mahameds’ Mother Thanked Hawo to her donation and taking her Kids to the School, now Zakaria and Mohamed are in School Classes and every morning they go the School.

Local Charity Organization also supported Sahra to expend her Shop; they let her to the Whole sale Store in Bakara Market which she took Supplies costing $1,500 US Dollars and now new life started.

Sahra Mohamed Hassan Thanked Mustaqbal Radio for its visit and reporting her demands to the World, she also thanked Brothers and Sisters who answered her request and changed her life as she claims.

She calls additional support from Society to support her Family’s life and sent Blessings to those who participated her donations.

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