Abdisaid M. Ali, La taliyaha Amniga qaranka ee Madaxweyneha Soomalaiya

The Security Adviser of Somalia’s President has warned UN Mission in Somalia to interfere local politics as he pointed it is unwelcome in Somalia.

A twitter Post from Abdi Said M. Ali’s account said ‘Don’t Interfere internal affairs of Somalia, this attitude is unwelcome’.

The Adviser’s post was the answer of UNSOM’s Press release on South West state elections in which it called peace full elections.

It is passable that Abdi Said M. Ali’s Twitter post is showing how the Relationship between Villa Somalia and UNSOM is.

Or also it may demonstrate how diplomatically Villa Somalia isn’t satisfied The UNSOM’s Interfering Internal Affairs in Somalia Politics.

South West State President Sharif Hassan Sheik Adam has resigned Yesterday and he blamed Federal Government of Somalia for Interfering His Region’s Elections.